Protect glass windows

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Protect glass windows

OMNIGUARD NF is a coating sprayed on with an airless paint sprayer on windows (glass and profiles). This coating dries in a short time to a flexible, solid protective film, that can be easily removed in one go at the end of the construction.

Watch a video  of an application with Omniguard NF.

The 4 most important advantages of Omniguard compared to traditional protective foils and tapes:

  • A complete protection of the windows, both glass and profiles, untill the end of the construction works.
  • Omniguard protective foil doesn't get loose because of the wind.
  • 100% protection against grinding sparks.
  • Windows and doors can still be opened and closed without damaging the protective Omniguard film (by letting the Omniguard coating dry with the sprayed window or door slightly opened).

If you would like a quote, please email to: or call:  +40 745 101 947.

Product sheet Omniguard NF

Protect the glass against dirt and scratches with Omniguard protection!